Greenscapes, LLC knows the importance and pride in having and maintaining a picture-perfect lawn. We are here to keep your lawn looking exactly how you want it.

Whether you are looking for a weekly lawn mowing service or considering a full lawn revitalization, we have the right choice for your needs.

Lawn Fertilization

Though your soil supplies most of the nutrients that your lawn needs, not all soil can provide what it takes to keep your lawn healthy during the entire growing season. Adding fertilizer for additional fuel and energy can help keep your lawn healthy. The benefits:

Promotes new leaf and root growth

Aides in recovery from foot traffic and pest damage

Reduces weeds and need to control them

Keep your lawn green all season long. Greenscapes, LLC will help you every step of the way.

Turf Renovation

Indiana weather can be unpredictable during the summer months. Turf renovation is often needed when your turf has been thinned from drought, pests, or has an excess of shade. Rather than a full overhaul, Greenscapes, LLC can help renovate your turf and bring it back to life again. Turf renovation can also often be done without destroying all existing vegetation. Talk to your Indianapolis Lawn Care Services Professional today at 317-752-5682.

Aeration & Overseeding

All lawns need to breathe in order to be great. Greenscapes, LLC uses only the best equipment as we systematically remove small plugs from your soil & deposit them on the grass surface. This aeration process allows oxygen and water reach roots, which in turn promotes growth.

Once your lawn has been aerated, the most optimal time for overseeding comes directly after. Overseeding is necessary in order to keep your central Indiana turf thick and weed-free. After all, the grass should be greener on YOUR side.


Dethatching is essential in maintaining a lush and healthy lawn. Thatch is the layer of built-up plant material between the green top growth and the roots of grass plants. Although some thatch, which occurs naturally from roots, shoots and leaves, can be healthy, an excess can prevent moisture, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the soil. Greenscapes, LLC can help determine whether thatch is an issue and help in its removal if it is.

Lawn Mowing & Edging

Greenscapes, LLC understands that your time is important. We’re here to help take care of your lawn mowing and edging needs so you don’t have to. Whether you would like your lawn mowed weekly, bi-weekly, or just once or twice, you can count on us to get the job done. Talk to an Indianapolis Landscapers today at 317-752-5682 to see what works out best for you.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Both spring and fall can be messy in regard to debris from trees, wind, and other unexpected items that end up in your yard. This excess of debris can suffocate to your lawn, causing your yard to need a bit more TLC.  Let us help you remove excess debris, pine needles and leaves so that your lawn can begin to grow again. We also trim your perennials and ornamental grasses. Whether you do this in the spring or the fall, we can help prepare you lawn for growth or help winterize your lawn by liming it before winter.

Sod & Seeding

Greenscapes, LLC can bring your lawn to life whether you decide to go with sod or seeding. We help with every aspect including preparing the soil. Talk to an Indianapolis Lawn Care Services Professional today at 317-752-5682 to see which would work best for you.

Leaf Removal 

Have an excess of fallen leaves but not an excess of time? Or perhaps you have the time to rake the leaves, but then are stuck with bags full of them. Either situation you find yourself in, Greenscapes, LLC can help in all areas of leaf removal at a competitive rate. Call us today at 317-752-5682 to schedule an appointment.